A simple but very strong philosophy to make us one of the competent companies in Indonesia. Taken from the Indonesian proverb which means that no matter how heavy the burden is, it will be light if we solve it together. We support each other to achieve company goals.

Positive contributions from the management level to the employee level are able to create positive energy in the work environment so that they are able to produce Creativity, Professionalism, and Responsibility according to their respective functions. This spirit is what we bring to realize our company's Vision and Mission.



To become a leading company that prioritizes and upholds the principle of investment equity that is oriented and adapts to the positive culture of the community from time to time.
1. Optimizing all power potentials in an organized and structured manner.
2. Support innovation based on creativity and productivity
3. Fostering cooperation with professional trust for the benefit of consumers and shareholders.


PT. Prospect Motor, a Limited Liability Company in Indonesia which was established on May 15, 1973. PT Prospect Motor is a Distributor of Honda Brand Holders having its address at Jl. MH Thamrin No. 152, Lippo Cikarang Bekasi 17530. PT. Prospect Motor is also engaged in other businesses in the automotive sector, textile sector, property, and several other businesses.‚Äč
In 1998, PT. Prospect Motor entered into a joint venture with Honda Co. Ltd. to open a Honda Car assembler and sole distributor, namely PT. Honda Prospect Motor, in order to increase its production capacity, in 2014 opened a factory located in Karawang and continues to increase its vehicle production capacity per year. In addition, PT. Prospect Motor operates as a distributor and main dealer for Honda Cars for the West Java (Bekasi) area, and the outer islands of Java. Until now, PT. Prospect Motor has distributed to 55 Authorized Honda Dealers throughout Indonesia.
PT. Prospect Motor has several subsidiaries engaged in the manufacturing, property and logistics industries. In the future PT. Prospect Motor is expected to strengthen the company's synergy and become one of the leading companies in Indonesia.
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