Have a Honda Brio? Let's Join These Three Communities!

Post, 01 March 2022


Bogor, 14 December 2020 – At the end of 2020, Honda Brio Community (HBC) launched mobile apps and the HBC Nation website at the Kopdargab event which was held on 13 December 2020 in Bogor. The HBC Nation mobile apps and website aim to unite all members of the HBC community in Indonesia in one place. This event was attended by 220 representatives from the HBC community from 22 chapters and virtually all members of the HBC community.

Through mobile apps and websites, community members can easily get regional information, chapters and HBC members throughout Indonesia, HBC community members also get information on price discounts or promos from partners and sponsors in the HBC community, both partners in terms of care and promotion. repair of Honda Brio vehicles, accessories, lodging, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other merchants who work together and are referred by the HBC members themselves, as well as the administration of prospective HBC community members can also find out about the HBC community through the HBC website.

According to the National Chairman of the Honda Brio Community, Sri Budi H, "HBC Mobile Apps & Website is a fast and easy communication and information tool that can be directly displayed in a visual form that is easier for the general public to accept.

Meanwhile, Mevie as Chief Executive said, "Mobile Aps & HBC Website is the first facility created by the Head of HBC Depok Chapter - Om Prama presented by HBC Depok Chapter - on behalf of the West Java Regional HBC for the National Honda Brio Community which is full of benefits and appropriate. in today's digital age."
Acho Milan as HBC Nation's Public Relations Officer said, “At a glance about the launch of Mobile Aps which has member search features, articles, voting and surveys. However, by continuing to develop the development of the HBC community in the future, and currently all members really need websites and applications like this. So, by just opening the application and website, members can get online kopdar and say hello to members throughout the archipelago and see all the benefits."

In addition, the HBC community also carried out social activities by providing 2 hand washing facilities for one of the Orphanage Foundations located in Sentul and the Office of the Head of Tangkil Village, Bogor. This hand washing facility is provided as one of the HBC community support for public areas, especially in the Bogor area in preparation for entering the new normal with health protocols. Along with these activities, the HBC community also donated to orphanages in the Bogor area and did a live Instagram by presenting Om Dody Budiono Sumantri as a Guest Speaker who would discuss Safety Driving. Through the Safety Briefing material, it is hoped that all members can implement it so that they always obey traffic.

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